Community of Practice Call – Publishing workflow and library processing workflow

The success of the transition to open access in scholarly publishing is intimately related to the streamlining, intuitiveness and efficiency of the publication and access workflows. This crucial aspect is reflected in one of the main transformation drivers on ESAC’s “How transformative is it?” spectrum, where the envisioned goal is to achieve a state where “the process of open dissemination of research is supported and optimized with infrastructure and standards that streamline the work of authors, institutions, funders, publishers and other partners in the scholarly communication ecosystem.”

On 04 October 2022, the ESAC Community of Practice focused on ways in which publishers and libraries are adapting their workflows to the open access publishing paradigm, through the implementation of transformative agreements. Our speakers provided insights from the librarian, publisher, and infrastructure provider perspectives.

Guest speakers
Yvonne Campfens, Executive Director, OA Switchboard
Sze-Kie Ho, Director, Wiley Open Access Accounts (Product Strategy and Operations) and Open Access Transition
Lisa Lovén, License Manager, Bibsam Consortium, National Library of Sweden