ESAC Community of Practice

Through the framework of transformative agreements, libraries and library consortia are transforming their workflows, data streams, administrative processes, organizational structures and budget lines, in order to prepare for a fully open access paradigm in scholarly communication. From this evolution, new standards and good practice are continuously emerging.

The ESAC community of practice calls, Putting Open Access into Practice, are opportunities for library and consortium staff—as well as publishers and other stakeholders—to exchange experiences in operationalizing open access on a large scale through transformative and other OA publishing frameworks.

30 June 2021
Transformative agreements: one objective, a variety of approaches

23 March 2022
How are transformative agreements actually transforming the subscription system and enabling an open paradigm?

19 May 2022
Enabling open access – author engagement and article submission processes under transformative agreements

04 October 2022
Publishing workflow and library processing workflow



Other events

19 January 2022 | Webinar
Talk with the experts about the new ESAC Resources on Transformative Agreements

28-29 June 2018 | 3rd ESAC Workshop 2018
On the Effectiveness of APCs

12 May 2017 | INTACT-Projekttag (German language only)
“Offsetting” und “OA-Transformationsverträge“

9-10 March 2017 | 2nd ESAC Workshop 2017
Putting pay-as-you-publish into practice: Towards an automated APC handling

7-8 March 2016 | 1st ESAC Workshop 2016
Shaping the Parameters of Offsetting

18 November 2013 | APC Workshop 2013
Towards an efficient system for managing APCs