About ESAC

The ESAC community includes library practitioners who collaborate to produce open resources and who exchange experiences and insights via mentorship, dedicated working groups and other activities focusing on open access author and library workflows, data gathering and analytics, agreement terms, and stakeholder engagement.

If you would like to be matched with a mentor or would be interested in participating in any of ESAC’s working groups and activities, contact us with your area of interest.

ESAC is coordinated by the Max Planck Digital Library, in consultation an international advisory group comprised of library and consortium leaders with deep knowledge of the operational aspects of negotiating and implementing transformative and central open access publishing agreements with scholarly publishers.



Colleen Campbell
Ádám Dér
Ana Valente


ESAC Advisory Group

Jiří Jirát (ICOLC Liaison)
Head of Licensing and administrative unit, CzechELib, Czech Republic

Nina Karlstrøm
Head of Section Licences and Open Access, Unit Norway

Brigitte Kromp
Head Librarian, University of Vienna, Austria

Arjan Schalken
Program Manager UKB consortium, Netherlands

Anna Vernon
Head of Licensing, Jisc Collections, UK

Britt-Marie Wideberg
Head of Licensing, Bibsam Consortium, National library of Sweden, Sweden


The ESAC Initiative was established in 2014 as the outcome of an international workshop organized by the Max Planck Digital Library in cooperation with the German Research Foundation (DFG), PLOS and Co-Action Publishing, aimed at promoting workflow efficiencies and library-driven standards in the management of open access article processing charges.

ESAC continued its activity from 2015 to 2018 under the auspices of the DFG funded project INTACT, together with OpenAPC and OAanalytics, with the aim of building infrastructure to foster transparency, efficiency and sustainability around the costs and workflows associated with APC-based open access publishing.