ESAC Workflow Recommendations for Transformative and Open Access Agreements

These recommendations were developed in 2017, at the 2nd ESAC Offsetting Workshop attended by libraries, funders and publishers from seven European countries, the United States and Japan. They have also been published in UKSG Insights. To learn more, please read also an article by colleagues at the Vienna University Library about workflows for open access agreements.


A) Author & article identification & verification


B) Funding acknowledgement and metadata


C) Invoicing and reporting



2021 Enhancement to the ESAC Workflow Recommendations

Experts from the international ESAC community came together in 2021 to review the current ESAC Workflow Recommendations (2017) and make enhancements based on their critical insights and experience accumulated through implementation of transformative and central open access publishing agreements at the forefront of the open access transition in scholarly publishing.

This 2021 enhancement to the ESAC Workflow Recommendations comprises an updated perspective on the responsibilities of the contractual partners and the metadata necessary to optimize workflows around open access publishing.

Contact ESAC if you would like to suggest additional enhancements to the ESAC Workflow Recommendations based on your own experiences.


Responsibilities of institutions/funders/consortia


Responsibilities of publishers


Relevant metadata