Register Transformative Agreements

The ESAC Registry collects, aggregates and illustrates essential information on the nature and the mechanisms of the growing body of transformative agreements in their current iterations and as they progress through the transition phase to open access, highlighting key terms and conditions of agreements to better inform institutions (libraries, consortia) and publishers in their negotiations and to improve business standards and market transparency.

Data collected includes details on:

    • Contracting parties
    • Agreement terms
    • Transitional mechanism of fees
    • Publishing rights negotiated
    • Workflow assessment

Libraries and consortia are kindly invited to share key parameters and personal assessments with the community through the following form. To help in tracking, it is preferable to register consortium-level agreements (opt-in and all-inclusive) at the highest (consortium) level, when applicable, rather than on the institution level. Every submission will be carefully reviewed in advance of its final release.