Outsell media business report on Open Access observes lack of robust infrastructure for OA

According to the latest Outsell media business report “Open Access: Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trends” the lack of infrastructure for Open Access transactions is one reason for the predicted decline of growth on the OA market. Outsell estimates that a robust infrastructure will not be in place until at least 2017: “Once open access is quick, simple, and easy to measure, the market will settle into figuring out how to make it work best for all stakeholders. For example: Researchers need a clear understanding of who will pay APCs when submitting articles (authors, funders, etc.); authors, funders and publishers must settle on optimal copyright licenses; funders need to be able to track APC payments and measure the impact of the research they fund; and publishers need the ability to process and track transactions quickly and easily. It will take time for stakeholders to meet these conditions, but once they do, growth can pick up through new offerings based on established OA businesses.” (see page 9 of the report)

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