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ESAC Reference Guide to Transformative Agreements – now expanded and updated

In December 2021, ESAC published a detailed Reference Guide to orient academic librarians and library consortium staff in negotiating and implementing transformative open access agreements. The Guide builds on the knowledge and insights of an ‘expert group’ within the ESAC community with significant experience in strategy development, negotiations and operationalizing open access within their institutions, making it an essential and authoritative resource. Since its publication just over a year ago, the ESAC Reference Guide has been used and referenced in library contexts around the world, and the number of transformative agreements entered in the ESAC Registry has nearly doubled.

With the continued growth in implementation of TAs and central OA publishing agreements, actors in the scholarly communication and open access ecosystem have produced many new sources that are highly relevant for preparing, negotiating and implementing OA agreements. The Reference Guide has therefore been expanded and updated to integrate these new sources, making the Guide even more robust and comprehensive. New sources reference in the Guide include, among others:

The ESAC community includes library practitioners who develop open resources and share good practice via mentorship, dedicated working groups and other activities. Seeking to create efficiencies and to standardize the many library tasks related to open access publishing on a large scale, the scope of ESAC spans data gathering and analytics, author and library open access workflows, agreement terms, stakeholder engagement, and more.

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