ESAC Data Working Group

Whether you want to understand the number of articles published by a given publisher, or published, generally, by corresponding authors from a given institution, the ability to gather and analyze different kinds of publication data is vital in order to formulate any informed strategy in the evolving open access landscape. Within the ESAC network, some experts have therefore teamed up to focus on data-related issues in the context of open access publishing agreements, transformative agreements and hybrid publishing in subscription journals, with the objective of sharing insights, methods, sources, tools and best practice. The group will identify topics on an ad-hoc basis in accordance with the needs of the community, such as how to:

One of the first efforts of the ESAC Data Working Group is to develop visualizations of important data points relative to the open access publishing trends of some large subscription publishers (see publisher fact sheets), in order to highlight how a publisher’s article output is distributed across its journal portfolio and uncover the development of open access shares.

For the future, we are also happy to collect and publish case studies of methods, examples for visualizing institutional publishing output, best practices, and related efforts eg on data normalization and data source assessments.