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Uncover your publishing profile

Transformative agreements are changing how institutions and consortia do business with commercial publishers. Under the old subscription system, service levels and return on investment were evaluated in terms of readership, in terms of FTE or usage, but with the rise of open access publishing and transformative agreements, service levels and costs are increasingly evaluated in terms of authorship, or publishing profile, and other future-oriented metrics.

Institutions and consortia approaching transformative agreements or looking to gain an understanding of the publishing trends of their affiliated authors in order to negotiate central agreements with fully open access publishers and prepare for future strategies can make use of a variety of data sources to answer key questions such as:

The data analysts behind some of the most impactful transformative agreements to date have put together this reference guide to share their approaches to uncovering the publishing profile of their respective organizations, in preparation for open access negotiations with commercial publishers.

If you would like more information, get in touch with the OA2020-ESAC Data Analytics Working Group.