EUA asks European Commission to investigate lack of competition in the scholarly publishing business sector

The EUA Council adopted a statement on 26 October 2018 expressing its concern about the lack of transparency and competition in the scholarly publishing business sector in Europe. The statement, addressed to the European Commission, asks for an investigation to clarify if competition rules guarantee fair competition market conditions. Read full press release

Happy Open Access Week! Let’s develop a culture of sharing! ESAC Initiative becomes an information-sharing hub for OA negotiators

As anticipated at the ICOLC meeting in London and the OA2020 Transformation Lab in Prague, we announce the re-launch of the ESAC Initiative and website ( with a number of extremely valuable crowd-sourced tools and resources related to transitional license models (ie Offsetting, Read & Publish, etc.). With more and more library consortia and individual […]

The weakest link – workflows in open access agreements: the experience of the Vienna University Library and recommendations for future negotiations

In recent years open access (OA) publishing agreements have left a lasting impact on several aspects of the research life cycle, and on the manner in which institutions work with publishers and researchers to support the transition to OA. Apart from the immediate financial implications, one significant challenge libraries are facing is the sub-optimal level […]

It’s the workflows, stupid! What is required to make ‘offsetting’ work for the open access transition

A recent article by Graham Stone (Jisc) and Kai Geschuhn (MPDL) published in the British library journal UKSG Insights highlights the outcomes of two workshops organized by the Efficiencies and Standards for Article Charges initiative (ESAC) in 2016 und 2017. The paper makes the case for stronger engagement of libraries and consortia when it comes […]

Open access offsetting under construction

Since publishers have introduced the hybrid open access option, there is a constant debate on the “double dipping” issue, meaning publishers charging fees for opening up individual articles despite selling the respective journal as part of a subscription bundle. The new offset deals claim to follow a different approach. Here, open access publishing costs were […]

INTACT website launched

In October 2015, the open access infrastructure project INTACT ( has started its work. The project website has now been launched. Funded by DFG, INTACT brings together three already existing initiatives which will now collaborate under one roof: i) The Open APC platform at Bielefeld University Library collects cost information for open access article charges […]

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