Community of Practice Call – Publishing workflow and library processing workflow

The success of the transition to open access in scholarly publishing is intimately related to the streamlining, intuitiveness and efficiency of the publication and access workflows. This crucial aspect is reflected in one of the main transformation drivers on ESAC’s “How transformative is it?” spectrum, where the envisioned goal is to achieve a state where […]

Community of Practice Call – Enabling open access: author engagement and article submission processes under transformative agreements

Making it easy for researchers to publish their articles open access is not just a question of eliminating—or significantly lowering—the financial obstacles of APCs. Library and publisher processes, workflows, and communication streams are still deeply rooted in the old logic of accessing and producing content behind subscription paywalls. In order for “open” to become the […]

Community of Practice Call – How are transformative agreements actually transforming the subscription system and enabling an open paradigm?

Transformative agreements are those contracts negotiated between institutions (libraries, national and regional consortia) and publishers in which library funds previously used to pay for subscription access are used, instead, to support the costs of open access publishing of articles of an institution’s or consortium members’ researchers—as well as the reading access required for content still […]

Webinar: Talk with the experts about the new ESAC Resources on Transformative Agreements

On Wednesday, 19th January 2022, members of the ESAC community will share a few of their personal experiences in preparing, negotiating and implementing transformative agreements and their insights which informed the creation of the recently published resources “ESAC Reference Guide on Transformative Agreements”, “How Transformative Is It” spectrum and the “2021 Enhancements to the ESAC Workflow […]

Transformative agreements: one objective, a variety of approaches – OA2020/ESAC Community of Practice Call

On June 30th, 2021, the OA2020 and ESAC communities came together in a joint Community of Practice Call under the topic “Transformative agreements: one objective, a variety of approaches”. The meeting kicked off with a presentation by Ignasi Labastida, Head of the Research Unit at the University of Barcelona’s Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI), […]