Taylor & Francis

Agreement ID tf2024sanlic
Agreement labeling Taylor & Francis Online Journal Library Transformational Agreement
Has the agreement been fully disclosed and published? No
Agreement period 01/01/2024 – 12/31/2026
Consortia / Institution SANLiC
Country South Africa

Approximate range of annual corresponding author publications

Comments on size/article output Average article output for the years 2018-2022

How do the costs of the agreement relate to previous subscription-only agreements with the publisher?

Agreement costs within the range of the previous spending level
Comments on cost development The cost was below an inflationary increase on 2023 reading fees. No cost based on prior publishing spend is included. Most of our subscribing members got additional reading privileges in the SSH and S&T packages. Publishing privileges in the Medical package have been extended to ALL members, even if they do not subscribe to this package.

Transformative agreements vary by their transformative mechanisms, meaning the way in which financing is shifted from the subscription side to open access publishing. What are the characteristics of this agreement to this regard?

Subscriptions partly converted to OA publishing fees

How do entitlements for open access publishing correlate to the anticipated article output? Which mechanisms for risk sharing have been agreed in cases of exceeding or not reaching the number of OA publishing entitlements?

Should the cap (based on our expected research output) be reached, a margin of 2.5% above the cap is allowed. No carry over of article provision.

Are all journals relevant to your affiliated authors (in which you expect them to publish) eligible for OA publishing under the agreement?

Are fully open access journals covered by the agreement? Yes
OA LICENSE CC-BY variations allowed
Original research articles
Review articles

What is the approximate share of access related costs of the overall agreement?

Comments on access costs 21% of the total cost is allocated to access

Are all read relevant journals covered by the agreement?

PERPETUAL ACCESS RIGHTS Partly (e.g. to core journals only)
WORKFLOW ASSESSMENT Too early to assess
OVERALL ASSESSMENT AND COMMENTS This agreement has enabled South Africa to repurpose read-only subscription expenditure to finance hybrid OA publishing. When added to our other such agreements, over 80% of South African research traditionally published behind a paywall now has the potential to be published fully open access without additional fees.
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