Portland Press

Agreement ID portpress2022cdl
Has the agreement been disclosed and published? Yes
URL https://ucsf.app.box.com/
Agreement period 01/01/2022 – 12/31/2024
Consortia / Institution California Digital Library (University of California)
Country United States

Approximate range of annual corresponding author publications


How do the costs of the agreement relate to previous subscription-only agreements with the publisher?

Agreement costs within the range of the previous spending level
Comments on cost development Total fees paid to Portland Press are based on previous subscription payments across UC system, but expand access to all campuses. Throughout the agreement, the total base fee collected by Portland Press is within 2% of the total fees paid in the previous year.

Transformative agreements vary by their transformative mechanisms, meaning the way in which financing is shifted from the subscription side to open access publishing. What are the characteristics of this agreement to this regard?

Subscriptions partly converted to OA publishing fees

How do entitlements for open access publishing correlate to the anticipated article output? Which mechanisms for risk sharing have been agreed in cases of exceeding or not reaching the number of OA publishing entitlements?

No fixed OA publishing entitlements. Instead, the total cost, including reading fees, library support for OA publishing, and author contributions from grants where available, must stay within 2% of the previous year’s total spend. If the reading fee plus publishing fees end up lower than 2% below the previous year’s spend, the library makes up the difference; if those fees would be higher than 2% above the previous year’s spend, the library payments to the publisher stop.

Are all journals relevant to your affiliated authors (in which you expect them to publish) eligible for OA publishing under the agreement?

Are fully open access journals covered by the agreement? Yes
OA LICENSE CC-BY mandatory
Original research articles
Review articles

What is the approximate share of access related costs of the overall agreement?

Comments on access costs Portion of total spend committed as a reading fee decreases in each year of the contract, from 40% to 20% to 10%

Are all read relevant journals covered by the agreement?

Comments on workflows Authors are routed to CCC RightsLink for payment processing
OVERALL ASSESSMENT AND COMMENTS This agreement is intended as a sustainable way to shift UC’s investment from paying for subscriptions to paying for OA publishing. The agreement achieves both of UC’s key goals for transformative open access journal agreements: controlling costs and providing for open access publishing in the full portfolio of Biochemical Society / Portland Press journals.
The agreement also involves a particular mechanism for ensuring publishing costs are sustainable. It enables corresponding authors to publish an unlimited number of research articles immediately open access, through a particular workflow (referred to at UC as the “multi-payer model”). Under the agreement, the UC libraries will automatically pay the first $1,000 of the open access fee, or article processing charge (APC), for all UC authors who choose to publish in a Portland Press journal. Authors are asked to pay the remainder if they have research funds available to do so. Authors who do not have research funds available can request full funding of the APC from the libraries, ensuring that lack of research funds does not present a barrier for UC authors who wish to publish open access in Portland Press journals. Library payments under this model come from redirected subscription funds, controlling costs to the University under the contract.
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