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Agreement ID cam2019cdl
Agreement labeling
Has the agreement been disclosed and published? No
Comment Agreement has not yet been finalized, but will be published later
Agreement period 01/01/2019 – 12/31/2021
Consortia / Institution California Digital Library (University of California)
Country United States

Approximate range of annual corresponding author publications

Comments on size/ article output That figure reflects our total output for 2018, not adjusted for included journals or article types.

How do the costs of the agreement relate to previous subscription-only agreements with the publisher?

Agreement costs within the range of the previous spending level
Comments on cost development Cost is equivalent to our previous license fee, slightly upgraded to cover all Cambridge journals, plus the amount of APCs paid outside of the agreement in the previous year. The fee will be subject to standard annual increases.

Transfomative agreements vary by their transformative mechanisms, meaning the way in which financing is shifted from the subscription side to open access publishing. What are the characteristics of this agreement to this regard?

Subscriptions partly converted to oa publishing fees

How do entitlements for open access publishing correlate to the anticipated article output? Which mechanisms for risk sharing have been agreed in cases of exceeding or not reaching the number of oa publishing entitlements?

The amount allocated to publishing fees is a fixed amount that increases in each year of the agreement as the reading fee declines. The amount of publishing is unlimited – there are no added charges for publishing articles above the fixed amount.

Are all journals relevant to your affiliated authors (in which you expect them to publish) eligible for oa publishing under the agreement?

Are fully open access journals covered by the agreement? Yes
OA LICENSE CC-BY preference, exceptions allowed
Original research articles
Review articles

What is the approximate share of access related costs of the overall agreement?

Comments The reading fee is 40% of the total in Year 1 and declines by 5% each year. This fee is higher than we would normally prefer due to two factors: the proportion of non-research articles types for which we have mutually agreed not to charge open access fees during this initial phase (to be assessed over time), and the number of Cambridge society journals which do not currently support open access (which we hope will convert to OA-eligible over time).

Are all read relevant journals covered by the agreement?

WORKFLOW ASSESSMENT Too early to assess
Comments on workflows
We are undertaking joint development with Cambridge to accommodate UC’s multi-payer workflow beginning in 2020 as part of the agreement.


We will publish the full agreement when it is finalized (we are currently operating under a detailed MOU). We consider this a highly transformative agreement, and the costs are sustainable. We hope the number of participating society journals will increase during the course of the agreement. We are very pleased that Cambridge and its APC payment provider, CCC, have agreed to implement our multi-payer workflow model, and we look forward to assessing its impact over the course of the agreement. As more society journals participate and as we assess the applicability of APCs to other article types (and as the proportion of OA content grows in general), we would anticipate a significantly lower reading fee in future agreements. We also hope in future to implement mechanisms that adjust payments based on publishing volume, within a window of variability that supports predictability for both publishers and institutions. A mechanism of this nature will be needed once OA publishing norms are well-established.
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